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In Praise of the Adventure Shoot

Ever wonder how some couples get those epic wedding pictures where they are somewhere crazy like on top of a mountain but are also being able to enjoy and participate in their actual wedding reception? There are a few options: you can do a first look earlier in the day before your ceremony and do your pictures beforehand, you can have a large gap between your reception and ceremony OR you can not worry about any pressure and do an adventure shoot after (or even before) your actual wedding day. 

Sarah and Chris wore their wedding finery from their intimate backyard wedding during the summer and joined Nick and myself for cliffs, fall leaves, fun times and photos at Sam's Point Preserve in Cragsmoor, New York for an adventure shoot. It. Was. Freaking. Awesome. I honestly was just as excited as they were. We didn't have to rush, we got to pick the time of day for the best lighting (with or without clouds) and we got to really collaborate and make the kind of pictures that they wanted to have and that I have been dying to take. It doesn't hurt that they are both incredibly cool, kind and creative people.

I'm so excited to get to work with them again for their big post-covid wedding. ALSO check out Sarah's work @Sarahbettydesigns! She is an extremely talented dress designer and seamstress (SHE MADE HER WEDDING DRESS!)  


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