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Daron and Marcus' not so cold Cold Spring engagement shoot aka why you shouldn't be scared of winter photo shoots

Unless it is snowing, most couples do not even consider doing engagement shoots in the winter, which is a shame. Admittedly, from December to March I can be found huddled under a blanket cursing my ancestors for not moving something warm when they got off the boat at Ellis Island. I hate being cold way more than any New Yorker should be allowed to. AND YET every single winter shoot that we have done has been magical and totally worth it. Maybe it's that you have to be a bit unique to begin with to want a winter shoot in New York but there are some definite benefits: The sun is lower in the sky so you get that magical golden hour look for a lot longer Less harsh midday "death sun" The air is crisp and clear There is a total lack of bugs and pollen Nobody gets all sweaty and overheated You are way less likely to be photobombed by leaf peepers with selfie sticks Sometimes, instead of gross and rainy, you get pretty and snowy Winter clothes make you look incredibly classy. ...and speaking of classy (and gorgeous and sweet and funny) look at these beautiful people! Daron and Marcus have the kind of love that is immediately obvious. It's hard to describe but their love for each other just felt so easy and right. The way they look at each other and how easily they laughed together was perfect. Nick and I can't wait to photograph their wedding in September.

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